The Educated Palate®

Educating Culinary Students and Gourmets about Aroma and Flavor

The Educated Palate® sensory training kits are a vital part of culinary education.  The kits enable users to learn the taste, smell and semantic identity of a variety of herbs and spices for consistent communication and culinary creativity.  The flavor oils can also be directly experimented with on food.  The knowledge and experience these kits provide can benefit anyone who is  interested in cooking.

The basic kit includes: 

  • Includes 25 liquid culinary flavor samples of the most commonly-used herbs and spices in special amber glass vials  fitted with orifice reducers that deliver 1 drop of essence to the tongue.

  • Sturdy plastic hinged-top box with grid to hold samples securely.

  • Each vial is labeled with a code number so users can test themselves on their proficiency in identifying the culinary flavors.

  • The number code key.

  • A user guide

  • Photographs of the herbs and spices, descriptions, history, and foods with which they are traditionally paired.