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Hear Dr. Herz share fun and disgusting tidbits with Brendan Newnam, and arm yourself when you're running out of things to say at your next dinner party.

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  • Science Friday19:07

Events and Noteworthy

Why You Eat What You Eat  selected among 9 most "accessible and fascinating books about science".

Nov 8, 2018: I will be speaking at the 40th Annual Jewish Book Festival in St. Louis MO 

That's Disgusting is the solution the New York Times Acrostic Puzzle, Sunday Nov 30, 2014. For completed puzzle click here.

Talk of the Nation: Science Friday

Ira Flatow interviews Dr. Herz on the day after Thanksgiving,  and she explains how aromas create emotional ambiance and influence our feelings about the holidays... the food, the people and nostalgia.

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  • On point47:45

The Diane Rehm Show

Dr. Herz discusses her book – The Scent of Desire – and elaborates on the close connection between the sense of smell, mental health and happiness.

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The Splendid Table

Lynne Rossetto Kasper of the show for people who love to eat, by American Public Media, interviews Dr. Herz about scent, taste, flavor and of course food.

  • The Splendid Table52:00

The Callie Crosely Show

Rachel talks to Callie Crosley, who is very easily grossed out, about why things disgust us or not, and how to get over being disgusted.

  • The Callie Crossley Show35:24

Science Friday

Rachel Herz talks to Ira Flatow and callers about "pure yuckiness".


  • The BBC: The World Today4:12

The Brain Science Podcast, Episode 34

Interview with Ginger Campbell, MD.  How Dr. Herz got into the field of olfaction and a discussion of the neuroscience and psychology of smell, memory and emotion.

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On Point

Dr. Rachel Herz talks to Tom Ashbrook and callers about her new book-- That's Disgusting-- and discusses the science and psychology of the emotion of disgust.

The BBC:  The World Today

Dr. Herz explains how scents evoke uniquely emotional memories and how body odor is critically involved in sexual attraction, especially for women. 

Lunch with the Loveologist

Interview with Wendy Strgar from LA Talk Radio discusses how important our sense of smell is in every facet of our lives, from sexuality to scent marketing.

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The Nose Knows Love

Interview with Maureen Cavanaugh from KPBS in San Diego.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, Dr. Herz explains the role of scent in romantic attraction.  

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A Conversation with Rachel Herz

Learn more about Rachel in this intimate interview

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